Tillandsias are one of the oddest members of the plant kingdom, more widely known as the air plant and are the largest genus in the bromeliad family.


Tillandsias are native to warm and temperate regions throughout Central and South America.


Tillandsias grow without soil and use tiny vessels located throughout their leaves (called trichomes) to capture nutrients and moisture from the air. This classifies them as epiphytes.

Tillandsias do have roots, but these are for the sole purpose of attaching themselves to rocks and branches. This allows them to grow in a variety of locations naturally.


Tillandsias take pollutants (such as skin flakes, ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and many more) from the air and eat/clean them. They are very good in bedrooms as they absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen during the night.

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